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It is with Guided Immigration professionals where you will find the necessary regulatory information and guidance to get the authorization from Immigration, Refugee and Canadian Citizenship and gain temporary or permanent entrance to Canada. Our professional services aim at quality and timely solutions in all aspects of immigration law.

Navigating immigration processes can be complex, our view is wider than yours. Trust our advice and count on the full support you deserve. We can assess your situation and bring your results. We strive in keeping up with regulatory changes, compliance, and research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for our clients, which means having clarity on their immigration goals, aspirations and interests while keeping their information confidential. At the same time, empowering them and putting them first in the equation. Our corporate objective within the context of immigration law, is to help them find the best immigration pathway reaching their highest potential in Canada.

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From East to West, Canada offers opportunities to people around the world, a new life of fulfillment, success, and personal growth. The population in 2019 has reached 37.59 million, and its growth is based exclusively on individuals like you wishing to come to Canada and start a new future. We are here to provide you with all the support you need to make this dream come true.

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International Studens
More Working Hours for International Students

Students can work extra hours from April 22 to August 21 2020 in Canada

Reasons Why a Work Visa to Canada Maybe Denied.

There are many reasons why a work permit can be denied: The application have inconsistencies The applicant has a medical inadmissibility issue to overcome The applicant does not meet one…

Dreaming of Work in Canada?

There are a few basic factors that could make possible a successful work permit: Have an post secondary education or training in a trade Know English or French Have some…

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Immigrant family
Top Issues on Approaching Immigration

When approaching immigration to Canada, there are some unnecessary issues that can be eliminated if there is some awareness. Most of the mistakes that we are able to observe newcomers…

Opportunities for Graduates

Depending on the type of studies you complete in Canada and its length, you will have open opportunities for employment. This experience will help you gain experience in Canada. By…

The Importance of Learning One of the Official Languages

We consider knowing one of the official languages in Canada as an asset. Canada has two official languages English and French. Canadians can express themselves in any of them. However,…

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