Immigrating to Canada can be one of the most important decisions you may take in your life. Moving to a new country will trigger a chain of critical choices that will define the future for yourself and your family. That is why we highly recommend an assessment. Your information is highly personal, it only belongs to you. What you know, have done in the past and what you could do, will define that pathway you need to consider. According to that information, we will provide you with an assessment that will encourage you and support each step you take in your immigration pathway.

Sometimes, our clients have a defined and clear idea of which program they need to take. In these cases, you may not take the assessment. However, we have received the request to do the assessment anyways to reaffirm the decisions they are taking. On other occasions, our clients are not aware of the programs, and possibilities that could be open to them. In these cases, it is highly recommendable.  Provided you choose to go ahead with a specific program or direction, you will be asked to complete the Intake.

Guided Immigration uses a system to collect the information of potential applicants. This information is essential to evaluate skills, education, potential inadmissibilities, or any other condition that could positively or negatively influence your application. Then, we will assess your eligibility for one or many immigration programs in Canada. Our assessment will allow you to make intelligent and timely decisions. Your confidentiality is important to us, and we follow a Code of Ethics established by our regulatory body ICCRC–CRCIC.

For us, it will be a pleasure and also a high level of responsibility to assist you in such a moment of your life. To be able to do so, we kindly ask you to create a free account in our system and complete the questionnaire as accurately as possible. This personal account will not only facilitate the process of an application should you retain our services, but it will give us a window to see you. 

Please follow these steps: 

  • Click “Assessment” select “New User” or “Existing User”. If it is your first time,go to “New User” and create an account with your email and password
  • Select the language of your preference
  • Complete with accurate information the questions asked
  • Save frequently