Every year, Canada receives people from everywhere in the world. Attracted by our lifestyle, the order, and the beauty of the country, many want to have this experience. Canada is the destination for tourism, studies, business, and family reunions. To visit, you will need an authorization called e-TA or TRV. Some will only need a valid passport. The type of approval will depend on the country you are a citizen, and the length of your stay will depend on many factors declared in your application. 

E-Ta: This is an online application for certain countries that have an existing international agreement with Canada. Instructions on how to apply are on seventeen languages, and approvals are fast. You will need a credit card. We can help you if you need assistance.

Temporary Resident Visa – TRV: is a temporary permit that allows you entry into Canada. You will need this permit before traveling to Canada. There are several requirements you will need to meet: 

  • You need to leave at the end of your stay
  • You need to have enough money during your stay
  • You will not be able to work during your visit
  • You need to respect the Canadian laws and not be a risk to the country
  • You need to be in good health

Business Visitors: Thousands of business arrive in Canada looking for business opportunities or are invited by a host Canadan company.If a Canadian company is inviting you an invitation letter would be appropriate

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