ettlement services are offered for those approved as permanent residents, newcomers and refugees. Currently, the Government of Canada provides pre-arrival settlement services even before they arrive in Canada. These services help you strategically plan your work, education, and place where to live. 

The fact that millions of people desire to have a life in Canada makes its entry competitive.  Moreover, the country is admired for its honest government, infrastructure, and the protection it offers its citizens. While you may come from a country where you can’t trust the police or the government authorities, you are for a treat in Canada. One of the first reactions will be to let go of the fears instilled by previous governments and trust this country.

The government of Canada wants and needs you to be successful in Canada. That is why the government provides funds to thousands of organizations in each province in Canada, so you can receive assistance in improving your language skills, finding a job, enhancing your skills to find a better job, in obtaining medical care for you and your family. 

Health Care 

Health care in Canada is a universal healthcare system where most of the attention is free. Taxpayers pay it. Services are provided to temporary workers in Canada, refugees and permanent residents.  Other services, such as prescription medications, dental care, ambulance services, and eyeglasses, need additional coverage. Hospitals and clinics are free; you only need a healthcare card to receive medical care. 

Settlement in Canada

Contrary to what other countries offer on education, Canada does not have a federal department that handles education. Provincial and territorial governments set their standards in education. Undoubtedly, you will need to adjust to many new concepts. Attending school in Canada is mandatory for children. There are free public schools, paid private schools, at-home education, and schools in English or French.  Post-secondary colleges and universities offer top competencies that allow you to perform internationally. 


This is one of the most critical aspects of your settlement. You can find employment depending on your training and language skills. The government supports many industries that move the economic engine for each province. So focus, improve your English or French and dip into training, certifications, and further education without fear. Consequently, your perseverance will help you reach success in Canada. Plan your career with dedication and care; it will sustain you for decades. 

Above all, opportunities are endless, and you are free to explore them all. We provide settlement advice at all levels upon arrival. For now, check these links: Life in Canada is better.