One of the most important steps that an immigrant can take is to make an initial appointment to understand how the Canadian Immigration system works and to have clarity on the important steps that an applicant needs to take. Along to any immigration program there are decisions to take. Knowledge empowers those decisions. There are several programs non-Canadians can choose from to immigrate temporarily or permanently to Canada. 

  • Visit as a tourist or business people
  • Study at an educational institution 
  • Work as a Temporary Foreign Worker or as a Student 
  • Work as a Skilled worker 
  • Sponsor a family member
  • Adopt a child from overseas 
  • Participate in one of the Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Participate in one of the Pilot programs 
  • Invest in Canada 
  • Self-Employment 
  • Participate in the International Mobility Workers Program 
  • Refugees – Not a deliberate option but an urgent need
  • Humanitarian