After your consultation and if you decide to go ahead with your immigration project and sign a Service Agreement with an Immigration Professional, the case will be reviewed in-depth with all the data received. Moreover, this case review will confirm the steps to take.  And with our legal guidance, you will be reassured at every step. Also, some decisions along the process will be discussed at length with you to make sure of mutual agreement and collaboration.

As a note, immigration law involves legal concepts, terminology, regulatory updates, timelines, and form updates, you may find the immigration process somehow complicated. Have the peace of mind you deserve and ensure that your application meets the format understandable for officers who review your application.

immigration case review
Regulated Canadian immigration consultants

In other words, our team of professionals can perform each task to perfection and prepare a submission to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that can lead to success and positive outcomes. Immigration officials will have the final word.  The immigration field is vast and it can be complex, we are here to help you all along.

Please Verify Martha Eugenia Leyton, RCIC as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant