Permit Extensions

For people who have come to Canada and is a holder of a visitor record, work permit, study permit maintaining status is essential. It is recommendable to send a request to extend a permit with time, 30 days before expiry. Respecting immigration law and the recommendations of your authorization are critical to future applications. Any extension will consider expiry dates on the passport. 


Without a doubt, there are so many activities, places to visit, people to see, and new experiences to have in Canada. Most of the visitors in Canada receive as a standard six months to visit. To extend your stay, you will need a good reason to stay longer and funds to sustain yourself during the additional time you are requesting. Once you send your extension to the Government of Canada, you are in implied status. 


On occasions, temporary employees need to extend their work permit or make changes related to their work. Having an employer-specific or an open work permit needs consideration before applying. 

Study Permits

Once a study permit is issued, a student needs to commit to finishing his/her studies. If the permit expires, it means you need to stop studying, and leaving the country is imperative. However, you can extend this permit, and doing it sooner than later is the best practice.


It could happen that you didn’t realize about these deadlines on your permit.  You have ninety days to restore your permit. Sending this restoration and obtaining one can bring you back to the right path of immigration.

Note: All these processes require Government fee payments.

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