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Our immigration professional fees are reasonable and affordable for the exceptional services we offer. Whatever your need is, a new application, a renewal, an extension, corrections, inadmissibility, sponsorships, work permits, LMIAs, etc, our services are within reach of everyone.

Besides professional fees, there are other costs to immigrate to Canada, such as exams you may need to take, translations to English or French, Canada government processing fees; couriers and other administrative expenses. For this reason, the best approach is to consult with our immigration specialist and ask for a quote. The immigration professional will evaluate the work involved in the application and will let you know the cost.

Once you sign a Service Agreement, the document details and outlines the charges. What is a Service Agreement?  It is a formal agreement between two or more people interested in receiving immigration services. The Service Agreement is a collaborative document outlining what is expected from the client and the immigration representative.  It has been created to protect the immigrant and document the financial costs and payment breakdown.

Service Agreement
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Be aware that any processing or permit holder fees requested by the Government of Canada need a separate payment from professional fees.

We will suggest the best way to go about your situation and even suggest ways to save you money.

Finally, you can pay in Canadian currency, and we offer several payment methods. They can be via e-transfer, Stripe, or Square. You can pay in installments of 2, 3 or 4 payments, depending on the case.  This concept is acceptable and helpful to you.