A visitor visa is required to enter Canada.. Every year the country receives visitors from everywhere in the world, attracted by the lifestyle, order, opportunities and country’s beauty.  To visit, you will need the authorization to enter the country by receiving approval for an e-TA or a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Some visitors will only need a valid passport. The type of approval will depend on the country you are from.  Tourism is one of the main attractions in Canada.

Visitors in Toronto
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E-Ta: This is an online application for certain countries with an existing international agreement with Canada. Instructions on applying are in seventeen languages, and approvals are fast. You will need a credit card. We can help you if you need assistance.

Temporary Resident Visa – TRV: This temporary permit allows entry into Canada. You will need this permit before travelling to Canada. There are several requirements you will need to meet: 

Business Visitors: Thousands of businesses arrive in Canada looking for business opportunities or are invited by a Canadian host company by issuing an invitation letter.

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