Permanent Residency

Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship can issue a permanent resident card to a person who has met all the requirements. This PR card allows you to exit and return to Canada. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries until they decide to become a Canadian citizen.

As a permanent resident, you have some rights and obligations. Your rights include getting most of the social benefits that any other Canadian citizen has, including health coverage. You can study, work anywhere you wish in Canada, and after meeting the time required, you can become a citizen of Canada. Also, you can be protected under Canadian laws and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. However, you can not vote.

As a permanent resident, you will have certain obligations toward Canada. For example, you will need to obey Canadian laws, pay your taxes.

The permanent resident card you receive needs renewal every five years. On certain occasions, people lose their permanent resident status for many reasons such as the card expired, lost the card, voluntarily renounced their permanent residence status. Whatever your situation, we can assist you with your permanent resident card situation such as correct a mistake, request urgent processing, ask for a replacement, etc.


To become a Canadian citizen, you need to be a permanent resident first, and you need to have lived in Canada 3 out of the last 5 years and paid your taxes during your permanent resident status.

Learning about Canada and the language will give this great opportunity. Being Canadian is a privilege, and you can become one too.

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