Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are driven by the local labor market and the economic necessities of each province. Foreign nationals may be able to contribute significantly to the economy of a province. The ability to demonstrate that they can become economically established may lead to a provincial nomination or Invitation to Apply (ITA). A provincial nomination means 600 additional points, which can significantly improve your Express Entry CRS score.

Foreign nationals will have eleven provinces or territories to choose from if they want to participate in a Provincial Nominee Program. Be aware that Quebec has its ranking system and requires a professional specialized in this province. Each Canadian province and in agreement with the Immigration Minister is entitled to create a stream that meets the local labor market and economic needs of each province. Under this agreement, the provinces will embark on recruiting and selecting individuals that are optimal for the province. Under this stream, individuals who are nominated by the province may obtain permanent residency if they meet eligibility provincially and federally. 

Provinces participating in the program are: 

This program is not applicable if you are a refugee, a foreign national who has received a deportation order or if you are inadmissible to Canada. Please view the needs of each province and the requirements they need you to meet.