A team member of Guided Immigration Inc is an educational agent that can assist you in creating the most effective educational path in Canada. 

We understand that education agents help international students to secure a place in a Canadian school. Institutions indeed enrol students directly from registrar offices; it is also true that they participate in global student agent networks. The option is yours when deciding a Canadian student agent or one based in your own country. The process of electing an educational institution will be one of the most important decisions you take in your journey to immigration. An evaluation and a consultation to study in Canada are highly recommendable. 

It is an investment for life. 

So how important is an Agent?  

 *Contracting the services of an educational Agent may help you reduce the stress of choosing the wrong school in Canada. 

 * Contracting the services of an educational Agent can help you in selecting a school that is recognized by the Canadian immigration and also an education recognized worldwide.  

These are some of the benefits of using advice from an education agent: 

  • Will interview to understand your personal needs and goals
  • We will suggest the best educational institutions and available programs help you reach our objectives. Will provide an overview of study options available in Canada.
  • We will assist you in collecting all necessary documentation needed for your application and acceptance from a DLI institution
  • We will guide you through the application process and warn you of the disadvantages you may encounter in the future
  • We will guide you through the visa application process once an educational institution has accepted you. This service is a paid service and requires a service retainer agreement
  • We will provide recommendations for your move and arrival in Canada 

Student Agent representation is possible by the dedicated professional development of Guided Immigration’s talent team and qualified by ICEF and Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Consortium for International Education (CCIE). 

We are professionals in everything we do. We understand the needs of an immigrant, and we know what does it take to start the immigration journey; we intend to make it easier for you and your family.

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