When approaching immigration to Canada, there are some unnecessary issues that can be eliminated if there is some awareness. Most of the mistakes that we are able to observe newcomers are behavioral and lack of knowledge. We usually intervene and try to find the best solution within the context of immigration law. However, some mistakes are irreversible. On occasions, even with proper advice, we see their decisions are driven by emotions and a strong desire to see results now.

Immigrant family
Spanish Immigrants

So you probably wonder, what are the most common mistakes foreign nationals make.

  • Take their emotions to take over a situation 
  • Believe that, what they have done is not that serious
  • Don’t pay attention to deadlines 
  • Miss small but essential details
  • Don’t understand regulations 
  • Don’t know Canadian processes 
  • Think that time will overcome the issue 
  • Underestimate the power of immigration laws
  • Are impatient and want things now

All these mistakes are understandable, and that is the reason why we recommend talking to a person that can guide every step in the path to immigration from day one.