When a newcomer arrives at a port of entry in Canada or needs to attend an interview inland, one of the most important aspects is to be truthful. Absolutely nothing is more important than the truth when speaking or narrating events for every question being asked by an immigration officer. Our top recommendation is to be truthful and transparent. The same goes when completing the paperwork, forms, and declarations that need submission.

If unknowingly a mistake is made, this can cause a derailment in your application or, more seriously, you can be charged with misrepresentation. Serious mistakes carry severe consequences such as an exclusion order by which you are not allowed to return to Canada for five years.
Another mistake that can bring severe consequences to a foreign international is to present fraudulent documentation. It is a criminal offense to have false documents such as an international driver’s license issued by a non-legitimate organization.
Physical assault or even the attempt to physically assault a person can land you as an inadmissible person to Canada.
These are some examples of common issues seen in the practice of professional immigration consultants.

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